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Kentuckiana Decorative Artists Library

Lange Artist

V-DAS-020 Face Techniques

V-DAS-035 Roses Delane's Way

V-DAS-036 Fun Fur Technique

V-DAS-043 Jolly Paint Nick

V-092-45 Faces

V-092-55 Roses Delane's Way

Johnson Artist

V-DAS-041 Victorian Faux Finish

V-06-78 Roses on Jewel Box/Color Pencil

V-092-55 Roses Delane's Way

Shaw Artist

V-DAS-054 Simple Strokes

PB 034 Beginners Guide to Freehand Decorative Painting

Hoesinger Artist

V-DAS-055 Intro Multiloading

V-DAS-057 Elementary Multiloading

Warren Artist

V-DAS-074 Series 1 Part 1 of 5

V-DAS-075 Series 1 Part 2 of 5

V-DAS-076 Series 1 Part 3 of 5

V-DAS-077 Series 1 Part 4 of 5

V-DAS-078 Series 1 Part 5 of 5

Poulos Artist

V-DAS-401 Out West

V-DAS-402 Pot O' Gold

V-DAS-403 Let's Go

V-DAS-404 St. Augustine

V-DAS-405 Gossip

V-DAS-408 Nature's Own

V-DAS-409 Papa's Lantern

V-DAS-410 Tulip Time

V-DAS-411 Home on the Range

Kingslan Artist

V-092-47 Introduction to Color

V-092-52 Intro to Color Blending

Watterson Artist

V-092-51 Color Theory

Jackson, Louise Artist

V-094-58 A Watercolor Experience

V-094-60 Tea Rose

PB019 Big & Beautiful Florals 94

PB020 Building on Basics 94

PB023 Simply Flowers

PB024 Melody in Blue

PB033 Lavender Blue II

Winsor & Newton Artist

V-094-61 Understanding Brushes

Riegel Artist

V-095-63 Santa Face Study

PB 026 Santa Face Techniques

Thurmonce Artist

V-095-65 Portraits, A Simple Method

Rol Artist

V-095-67 Let It Shine

Ricketts, Byrd, Speakman Artist

V-095-69 Perfect Palette #10

V-096-72 Perfect Palette #10

V-096-74 Perfect Palette #12

Harris Artist

V-04-75 Painting Baby Animals

Scheewe Artist

V-06-76 Getting Started With Watercolors

V-06-77 Acrylic Painting Techniques

PB 029 Mostly Landscapes

Polomchak, Mark Artist

V-06-79 Watercolors, The Basics

Coulter, Linda Artist

V-06-80 Coulter Grisaille 101

Barrick, Helen Artist

PB 003 Little Whippersnappers

Walters, K Artist

PB 003 Pipsqueeks III

Martin, J Artist

PB 017 Joyful Seasons

SDP Artist

PB 018 Entertaining w/Decorative Painting

Moore, J Artist

PB 025 Moore Collectibles (Alkyds)

Various Artist

PB 027 Painting Memories 1995

Aubuchon Artist

PB 030 Zhostove Florals

Cagle, G Artist

PB 035 Heart to Heart Pure & Simple

PB 036 Heart to Heart Painted Treasures

PB 037 Heart to Heart Rose Petals Etc

PB 038 Heart to Heart Essence of Summer

PB 039 Heart to Heart Color of Christmas

PB 040 Simple Toled

PB 041 Heart to Heart Painter's Passion

Loews, D Artist

PB 042 Home for All Seasons

Hauser, P Artist

PB 043 Priscilla Paints on Everything

PB 044 Priscilla Paints China

PB 045 Priscilla's Country Tin

PB 046 Priscilla's Paint Strokes

Koenig, S Artist

PB 047 Country's Edge

Earl, C Artist

PB 048 Silk Painting

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